FPM (fully present moment) explores my mindful journey to incorporate the practices of meditation and compassion through dharma studies, science and psychological theories… So I may be the best dad, husband, son, plant eater, clinical psychology grad student, and art director I can. Advertisements

Remember This – #1

Silvia Boorstein’s acronym WAIT -Why Am I Talking? Shahara Godfrey explains (link): “… I have a tendency to talk a lot. I will ask myself, “Why am I talking or why do I need to say this?” It really helps me pause and recognize there are other people who may need to speak who have

Curious How the Brain Works?

The Activities Of Your Brain Very simple easy to understand language, found via Rick Hanson’s website Wisebrain.org on the Howstuffworks.com. Click on image below to view article. A Day In The Life of the Brain Fantastic day in the life story helps you see the brain in action. Again via Rick Hanson’s Wisebrain.org through Brainconnection.com – Click on image