“…monks greet each other, whenever they pass and it is not an hour of silence, with the phrase, “Memento mori.” Remember you will die.

My Theories of Psychology professor remembered the story as “Brother, you will die.” Which I like much better because by saying “Brother…” it personalizes it and to some point makes it more casual.  He was discussing Humanistic and Existential psychology and mindfulness. Having survived 2 near death experiences 2001 (2 heart attacks within 24 hrs at the age or 36), I have been converted to living moment by moment as much as possible. When I heard him tell the story of the monks greeting each other to remind them of the inevitable we all face, I almost fell out of my seat realizing this was the short mantra I had been looking for.  So there you have it, how I came up with the name for my blog about my journey to getting my MA in CLinical Psychology and hopefully onto a PsD.


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